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As watchdogs, regulators, tax agencies, and lobby groups apply more pressure to tech giants Google and Facebook, the two companies are rebranding in response. Wes Mountain/The Conversation

Google and Facebook cosy up to media companies in response to the threat of regulation

It's surprising that news publishers seem to hand more power to Google because now more than ever there's an urgency to have clear barriers between news companies, social media platforms and search engines.
Penggunaan istilah “pelakor” (perebut laki orang) dalam isolasi menunjukkan kecenderungan masyarakat kita untuk hanya menyalahkan perempuan dalam sebuah perselingkuhan, meski jelas dibutuhkan dua orang untuk itu.

Apa kata ahli linguistik soal ‘pelakor’

Jika digunakan sendirian, istilah pelakor menghapus peran laki-laki dalam aksi kolaboratif perselingkuhan.
The use of the term pelakor in isolation reveals people’s tendency to blame only the woman in an affair, though it obviously takes two to tango.

In Indonesia, a sexist term for ‘the other woman’

Recently, many Indonesians have been bombarded with stories about the “pelakor”, a term popularly used to refer to a woman who is perceived as responsible for ruining a couple’s marriage).
The New York Times continues to invest in its newsrooms and expand internationally (it has journalists filing stories from over 150 countries), while Fairfax continues to chop newsroom jobs. Elaine To/AAP

Time for a ‘digital’ reality check on Fairfax and The New York Times

While digital revenue streams may be delivering, there's still a strong reliance on print for revenue and research shows readers engage more with print.

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