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Auckland University of Technology

Auckland University of Technology is New Zealand’s second largest and fastest growing university. AUT ranks in the top 2% of universities in the world, is 15th in the world for international outlook, and is Australasia’s #1 ranked millennial university.

AUT students are provided with a unique learning experience through engagement with industry, business and international partners, the ongoing development of modern teaching and learning facilities, and a focus on research that addresses issues facing the environment and society. We produce great graduates who enter the workforce able to challenge routine thinking and provide innovative solutions to industry.


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Toa Samoa perform the Siva Tau before the Rugby League World Cup final against Australia in 2022. AAP

More Pacific rugby league stars are opting to play for their homelands over Australia or NZ – that’s good for the game

By choosing to play for their ancestral homes, Pacific footballers might lose the chance of bigger pay checks, but they still win at a cultural level. And the payoff for the game is immense.
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Learning to read for pleasure is a serious matter – NZ schools should embrace a new curriculum

A refreshed New Zealand curriculum could require teachers to emphasise the joy of reading, not just the technical skills required. Research supports this long-overdue shift in practice.
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New economic index reveals the toll policy uncertainty can have on your investments

In periods of uncertainty, local investors could use a guiding hand. A new investment index maps out the impact of economic policy uncertainty on the rise and fall of the NZ stock market.
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Masalah tranformasi digital yang tidak inklusif: pentingnya melayani orang yang tidak bisa akses internet

Penelitian menunjukkan sebagian besar orang masih berjuang dengan transformasi digital yang diterapkan oleh pemerintah dan bisnis. Namun, solusinya belum tentu dengan menambah lebih banyak teknologi.
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Why migrant and refugee women and children remain in the shadows of health reforms in New Zealand

New Zealand’s healthcare policies for migrants generally rate highly, but women and children with a migrant background still experience language barriers, systemic racism and lack of support.


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