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Professor of Environmental Science, Charles Darwin University

I work at the Research Institute for the Environment and Livelihoods (RIEL) at Charles Darwin University in Darwin.

I have expertise in ecological measures aimed at an increased understanding of ecosystem function, with improved landscape-scale management and resource usage as a goal. I have extensive experience in the measurement of surface fluxes of mass and energy in tropical ecosystems using eddy covariance and Bowen Ratio systems. This experience is complimented by expertise in plant ecophysiology, savanna ecology and soils.

Research activity has spanned organisational scales from leaf to ecosystem in terms of understanding land-atmosphere exchange. Work has recently focused on carbon and water physiology of tropical savanna with outcomes being used in and sustainable development issues (water resources, savanna fires and impacts on carbon cycling and regional climate, impacts of clearing and soil moisture dynamics in the wet-dry tropics).

Cross-disciplinary research I have been involved in has to date provided vital data on savanna carbon dynamics in terms of fluxes, fire and climate. I have also worked on weed physiology, soil health and impacts of tree clearing on surface and groundwater dynamics.

I also work on carbon storage and fluxes in mangrove ecosystems, both degraded and intact.


  • 1996–present
    Professor of Environment Science, Charles Darwin University


  • 1997 
    The University of Queensland, PhD