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Charles Darwin University

Charles Darwin University is the only Australian university to offer the full spectrum of education options from senior secondary, through to Vocational Education and Training, undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. As the largest tertiary institution in the Northern Territory, CDU offers a fresh approach to education, training, research and knowledge application.


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Bart Pigram, Yawuru owner/operator of Narlijia Experiences Broome, WA, out on Country with visitors. Bart Pigram

‘More than a word’: practising reconciliation through Indigenous knowledge-sharing in tourism

The theme for National Reconciliation Week 2021 is ‘More than a word: reconciliation takes action'. Engaging with Aboriginal knowledges is a way to pursue reconciliation as more than a buzzword.
Child protection services must be culturally safe and responsive to the Aboriginal children and families they serve. Jodie Griggs / Getty Images

First Nations families need support to stay together, before we create another Stolen Generation

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children are increasingly being removed from their families and placed into out-of-home care, raising concerns of another Stolen Generation.
Caley’s grevillea (Grevillea caleyi) occurs in Sydney. It needs fire to germinate but burns are hard to carry out near urban areas. Tony Auld

The 50 beautiful Australian plants at greatest risk of extinction — and how to save them

Many threatened plant species aren't being targeted for conservation. Identifying which are closest to being lost forever is the first step to protect them.
The bulloak jewel (Hypochrysops piceatus) Michael Braby

Next time you see a butterfly, treasure the memory: scientists raise alarm on these 26 species

There's still a very good chance of recovery for most of these species, but only with new targeted conservation effort.
Foto dari udara dampak siklon menggambarkan kerusakan akibat banjir bandang di Adonara Timur, Flores Timur, Nusa Tenggara Timur (NTT), 6 April 2021. ANTARA FOTO/Aditya Pradana Putra/wsj.

Siklon tropis Seroja mungkin akan hantam Indonesia tiap tahun, tapi belum dimasukkan kluster bencana

Sejatinya dalam lima puluh tahun ini tiap tahun di Selatan Indonesia berpotensi menjadi lintasan siklon tropis. Bencana banjir bandang di NTT baru satu kasus.
An ostracod, a small crustacean with more than 70,000 identified species. Anna33/Wikimedia

Blind shrimps, translucent snails: the 11 mysterious new species we found in potential fracking sites

We discovered 11 (and probably more) new species of stygofauna living in water underground. These animals are usually blind, beautifully translucent and long-limbed.

Australia must control its killer cat problem. A major new report explains how, but doesn’t go far enough

Cats kill a staggering 1.7 billion native animals each year, and threaten at least 120 species with extinction. Five experts analyse a parliamentary report on the problem.
Seorang aktivis pro-demokrasi di Hong Kong memegang foto Zhang Zhan, seorang jurnalis warga yang dijatuhi hukuman empat tahun di China atas pelaporannya tentang wabah COVID Wuhan. Miguel Candela/EPA

Dengan membungkam kritik dan memenjarakan pembangkang, Cina berusaha mengendalikan narasi asal-usul COVID-19

Cina menghadapi taruhan tinggi ketika tim WHO tiba untuk menyelidiki asal-usul virus COVID-19. Pemerintah Cina telah menyajikan kisah sukses kepada dunia - dan tidak akan menerima kritik apa pun.
Un militant pro-démocratie à Hong Kong tient une photo de Zhang Zhan, une journaliste citoyenne condamnée à quatre ans de prison en Chine pour ses reportages sur l'épidémie de Covid-19 à Wuhan. Miguel Candela/EPA

Comment la Chine tente de réécrire l’histoire sur les origines de la Covid-19

L’enjeu est de taille pour la Chine alors que des équipes de l’OMS arrivent pour enquêter sur les origines du coronavirus. Pékin projette une image de réussite – et n’acceptera aucune critique.
A pro-democracy activist in Hong Kong holds a photo of Zhang Zhan, a citizen journalist sentenced to four years in China for her reporting on the Wuhan COVID outbreak. Miguel Candela/EPA

How China is controlling the COVID origins narrative — silencing critics and locking up dissenters

The stakes are high for China as WHO teams arrive to investigate the origins of the coronavirus. Beijing has presented a success story to the world — and will not accept any criticism.
Rodd’s star hair (Astrotricha roddii) an Endangered NSW shrub. Gavin Phillips/NSW DPIE, Saving Our Species

Australia-first research reveals staggering loss of threatened plants over 20 years

Australia's plants help make our landscapes unique. But many are in grave danger of extinction, and in many cases, the problem is getting worse.
Buffel grass surrounding Hakea divaricata, a bushfood and medicine tree. Ellen Ryan-Colton

The buffel kerfuffle: how one species quietly destroys native wildlife and cultural sites in arid Australia

Buffel grass causes just as much damage to native wildlife as feral cats. But with the right control measures, biodiversity can bounce back.


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