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Professor of Tectonics, University of Southampton

Specialisms: Active tectonics, marine geophysics, earthquakes

Primary current research interests are the active tectonics of subduction zones and continental rifts, and their associated geological hazards. My research involves a range of methodologies, from tectonic geomorphology, paleoseismology and Quaternary dating methods onshore, to marine geophysics and ocean drilling offshore. Subduction zone research includes: forearc evolution and structure; the relationship between structure, fault properties, seismogenic behaviour and tsunami generation; and in situ stress across subduction zones, with research projects on the Sumatran, Nankai and Makran margins. Continental rift studies have focussed on the Gulf of Corinth, central Greece where onshore and offshore data have been compiled to determine evolution of this young rift system and slip rates of major earthquake generating faults. I have had extensive involvement with the Integrated Ocean Drilling Program in recent years, in particular with the NanTroSEIZE drilling project investigating fault properties and seiemogenic behaviour on the Nankai margin, SW Japan, where I was Co-Chief Scientist of the first scientific riser drilling Expedition (319, 2009).


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    Professor of Tectonics, University of Southampton