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Liss was a statistician at Swinburne Centre for Urban Transitions. Her work involved questionnaire design, data cleaning and statistical analysis for surveys as well as data cleaning and analysis for large secondary data sets and data-visualisation. Liss has extensive experience in working with a broad range of ABS data (including very large data sets; SIH, HES HILDA, DOMINO Census), Valuer-General’s property data, Centrelink data, local council rates data and other data sets, as well as human demography data, including Census Data and GIS. She presents data in charts, figures, infographics, maps and tables for reports.
Liss has undertaken statistical analysis for AHURI, state government and local government projects (see below). She produces data for and co-manages Swinburne’s Housing in Victoria website. She produces the quarterly private Rental Report for the Department of Health and Human Services, and quarterly reports for the REIA (nationally).
Liss has worked on social and affordable housing strategies for local and state governments, and has established unique indices for propensity to gamble, transport reliance (both public and private), domestic family violence, housing affordability, alcohol consumption and domestic energy usage. Including informing expert witness on behalf of governments. She has been given access to highly confidential data including health, police, ambulance, housing and other government data, which has been used to inform those sectors.
Liss has been engaged to work on complex wage and staffing negotiations for public sector unions, throughout Australia, including factoring in impacts of climate change on these sectors.


  • 2001–2017
    Ms, Swinburne Institute for Social Research