Group Leader, Biosecurity Flagship, CSIRO

Dr Morin is using her plant pathology expertise to develop environmentally-friendly solutions to control troublesome and widespread weeds of agricultural and natural ecosystems in Australia.
She is particularly interested in the genetic structure and interactions of host-pathogen systems, as these are key factors contributing to the ultimate success of weed biological control programs involving pathogens.
The longer-term changes in the population structures of a weed following deployment of biological control agents and flow-on effects on associated plant communities are also areas of interest.
Dr Morin's current research efforts focus on a number of weeds that are recognised as having a negative impact on the Australian economy and/or ecosystems. She has also been carrying research to assist Australia's biosecurity response following the high-profile incursion by myrtle rust, an invasive fungal pathogen that infects a wide range of plants in the Myrtaceae family.


  • 1996–present
    Research scientist, CSIRO


  • 1994 
    University of New England, Armidale, Australia, PhD
  • 1989 
    McGill University, Montreal, Canada, MSc