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PhD Candidate, Communication Studies, Université de Lorraine

Lucas is a PhD student in communication studies at Université de Lorraine's CREM (Center of Recherche on Mediation) laboratory and at Université de Liège's Liège Game Lab. He studies the issues of territory through the narrative universe of video games, and tackles how video games' rules convey meanings about the relationship between humans and their living space and environment.

His PhD focuses on how maps, and the way they represent territories, are reappropriated in video game language. He is building a methodology for the case analysis of video game maps, which will enable people to better understand how maps help frame the gaming experience. He studies how developers create maps for their games and how players use the word "map" and to what specific element of the gamespace they refer to. His PhD study is focused on the analysis of the Japanese game licence Monster Hunter and how its map' system has evolved through its different titles.

His background is in literature and communication sciences. He completed a master's degree in literature at the University of Aix-Marseille, then a master's degree in communication' sciences at the University of Lorraine.