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Luiz Valerio P. Trindade

PhD in Sociology, University of Southampton

An accomplished and high achieving qualitative social researcher with solid international academic background and methodology acumen, with studies conducted in Brazil, Canada, Portugal, the US, and the UK. The main areas of scholarship and research lie in the areas of sociology of race and ethnicity, the study of racism and anti-racism, social representation of ethnic minorities on means of communication, critical discourse analysis, hate speech and social media.


  • 2018–2018
    Invited Lecturer, University of Southampton
  • 2017–2017
    Invited Lecturer, University of Southampton
  • 2016–2016
    Seminar Tutor, The Brilliant Club
  • 2016–2016
    Seminar Leader, University of Southampton


  • 2018 
    University of Southampton, PhD in Sociology
  • 2015 
    ISCTE - Instituto Universitário de Lisboa, Factory of Ideas: Ethnic-Racial Studies
  • 2013 
    Harvard University, Digital Marketing and Social Media
  • 2008 
    Universidade Nove de Julho, MPhil in Business Administration


  • 2013
    Mapeamento bibliográfico de pesquisas sobre o fenômeno de presença e representação social de indivíduos afrodescendentes em meios de comunicação social no Brasil: 1965-2011 [Bibliographic analysis of studies addressing the phenomenon of presence and social representation of Afro-descendant individuals on Brazilian means of mass communication: 1965-2011], Alceu - PUC-RJ
  • 2011
    Análise de ausência de diversidade étnica nos telejornais brasileiros [Assessment of the lack of ethnic diversity on Brazilian television news programmes], Alceu - PUC-RJ
  • 2010
    Imagens de indivíduos afrodescendentes em propagandas: análise da presença de estigmas e estereótipos nas formas de representações sociais [Images of Afro-descendant individuals in advertising: analysis of the presence of stigmas and stereotypes in the forms of social representation], Comunicação, Mídia e Consumo - ESPM-SP
  • 2010
    A content analysis of the role portrayed by women in commercials: 1973-2008, Revista Brasileira de Marketing

Professional Memberships

  • British Sociological Association
  • Society for Latin American Studies


Award: Social Leader 2008