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Doctoral Researcher in Neuroscience, University of Oxford

Originally a medical doctor from Germany, I'm now a PhD student in Neuroscience at the University of Oxford in the UK. My passion for sleep research started as a medical student, when I realised that poor sleep is one of the most overlooked health issues. It's surprising that we still don't really know how sleep is regulated and that there's such an immense lack of effective medical treatments to improve sleep. Many brilliant researchers around the globe have now identified sleep as an important filed of study and I'm confident that we'll soon start to see the fruits of the ongoing efforts to understand how sleep is regulated and how we can manipulate it for medical treatments. I hope to contribute to these developments as a doctor, scientist, and educator.


  • 2016–2021
    DPhil student, University of Oxford, UK
  • 2013–2016
    MD student , University of Freiburg, Germany