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Lecturer in Planetary Geoscience, School of Geographical and Earth Sciences, University of Glasgow

Luke Daly is a new Lecturer at the University of Glasgow and part of the Solar System Volatiles research group led by Professor Martin Lee. Prior to this he obtained an MSci in Geology from Imperial College London 2012 and recently submitted his PhD at Curtin University, Australia in early 2017.

During his PhD Luke was part of the sample analysis arm of the Desert Fireball Network a project dedicated to observing fireballs and recovering the meteorites that fall from them to establish their provenance in the Solar System. Here he helped to characterise the two newest falls, Murrili and Dingle Dell, and helped install over 50% of the cameras in the current network (accurate as of August 2017) and is now helping construct the UK branch of this project which recently helped recover the Winchcombe meteorite - the first UK meteorite fall for 30 years.

Luke’s research interests in Planetary Science centre around the analysis of primitive meteorites to extract information about solar system formation and asteroid evolution. In particular evaluating the micro-structure, geochemistry and isotopic features of minute sub-micrometre materials using techniques such as the atom probe, which is capable of analysing individual atoms. These allow us to analyse meteorites and, by extension, the processes that formed them in unprecedented detail.


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    Research Associate, School of Geographical and Earth Sciences, University of Glasgow