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University of Camerino, School of Advanced Studies, Italy.
Doctoral Public Health Degree: Malaria and Human Development.
Completed: June 2015
Thesis title:
Exploratory Study of Community’s and Health Workers Perceptions of and Responses to Malaria Risk in the Context of Declining Malaria Transmission in Malindi, Kenya.

Kenyatta University, Nairobi, Kenya
Masters of Arts July 2008 Medical Sociology
Thesis Title: “Community Participation in Decision
Making for Mosquito Control Activities in Malindi District, Kenya.”

Kenyatta University, Nairobi, Kenya
Bachelor of Arts 1990 – 1995 Sociology and community health
Specialization: Rural sociology, Medical sociology, Criminology, Community development, organizational development, Social work, Gender studies

September 2009 – To date

Kenya Medical Research Institute – Centre for Geographic Medicine, Research – Coast.
Research Officer

Duties and Responsibilities
- Involved in research activities in the vector biology unit,
- Carry out community based activities such as community engagement, conducting
needs assessments and designing training programmes and capacity building exercises
to communities and schools in integrated vector management
- Involved in development of research proposals
- Review manuscripts and protocols from the centre and KEMRI headquarters.
- Supervise and mentor students on internship and attachment.
- Disseminate findings through publications, workshops and meetings
- Participate in journal clubs, seminars and reviewing manuscripts and proposals
- General administration of Malindi field stations
- Networking and collaborating with government ministries, community, NGO’s and other
development agencies working in the Sub-county.
Other Responsibilities at KEMRI- CMRC:
- Member – center scientific committee
- Member – Social and behavioral scientist committee


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Completed Research Support (2009-2015)

- 2012 - 2015: Principal investigator: Lydiah W. Kibe, Anne W. Kamau, Annette Habluetzel, Charles M.
Mbogo: Exploratory Study of Community’s and Health Workers Perceptions of and Responses to
Malaria Risk in the Context of Declining Malaria Transmission in Malindi, Kenya.
- 2013-2015: Co-investigator: Mutero CM, Mbogo C, Mwangangi J, Kibe L, Orindi B, Girma M, Njui A,
Lwande W. “Integrated Vector Management (IVM) for Sustainable Malaria Control in East Africa”
- 2002 – 2012: Co-investigator: Charles M. Mbogo, Lydiah Kibe, Janet Midega, Samuel Kahindi, Joseph
Mwangangi, Anisa Omar, Peter Leuthy and John I. Githure “Applicability of available technologies for
adaptive integrated vector management in Malindi, Kenya”
- 2009 - 2012: Principal investigator: Lydiah W. Kibe, Charles M. Mbogo, Anisa Omar, Dick Mugaza,
Janet Midega and Jane Alaii. Assessment of net disposal mechanisms in Malindi, Kenya.


  • –present
    Researcher in medical sociology, Kenya Medical Research Institute