PhD in Public Health, Swansea University

Lyndsey has worked with infants, children and families for almost 20 years. With a background in paediatric nursing and public health nursing, as well as being Internationally board certified as a Lactation Consultant, she serves both families and professionals with her wealth of knowledge in infant feeding, behaviour, sleep, and parenting.

An International speaker, Lyndsey regularly teaches health, lactation and childcare professionals with her unique mix of humour, current research and real world experience. She is the co-founder and clinical director of the Holistic Sleep Coaching Program, and the author of Holistic Sleep Coaching. Her second book is due for publication in 2020.

A passionate believer in gentle, responsive parenting that never compromises infant mental health or feeding, Lyndsey works to educate professionals and families about strategies that are protective of the parent-child bond.

Lyndsey has worked in a number of paediatric settings - including general medical and surgical wards, children's high dependency units, the community and neonatal care. In 2012 she became the first 'Bliss nurse', working to coordinate family centred care of extremely preterm and critically sick neonates across the South West London perinatal network. Lyndsey has also worked overseas - in Malaysia and Kenya. She is passionate about supporting and empowering families at times of crisis, and has a special interest in the wider emotional and practical needs of children with cancer. She currently works in private practice, but also offers a free drop in clinic, and works with a number of charities and organisations.

Lyndsey is currently undertaking a PhD exploring the needs of breastfed infants and children with a critical or serious illness.


  • 2019–present
    PhD candidate in Public Health, University of Swansea