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Maisie Vollans

PhD Candidate, Mosquito Ecology, University of Oxford

Maisie Vollans is a PhD student in the Mathematical Ecology Research Group at the University of Oxford. Her main interests lie in mosquito ecology and, as such, her DPhil project is centred around the broad ecological implications of releasing self-limiting GM mosquitoes. She is researching this using a variety of techniques: theoretical mathematical modelling, experiments in the laboratory and a systematic literature review.

Prior to her PhD, she completed a Masters in Tropical Forest Ecology at Imperial College London, where her thesis examined the impact of forest degradation on the size and demography of mosquito populations. Her undergraduate degree was in Biological Sciences at the University of Oxford.


  • 2023–2023
    Intern, Infectious Disease Modelling Team, UKHSA
  • 2019–2023
    PhD in mosquito ecology, University of Oxford
  • 2018–2019
    Master of research, Imperial College London