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Marcela Porto Costa

PhD Candidate in Sustainable Agriculture, Bangor University

As an environmental engineer by training, I have worked for BASF (Chemical Company) for more than 4 years on the field of Environmental, Economic and Social Life Cycle Assessment and related approaches for different value chains, such as agriculture (soy, corn, sorghum, cattle, eucalyptus, potatoes, coffee, sugarcane, etc), paints (for domestic and automotive use) and its logistics and biofertilizers.

Within this timeframe, I developed my Master’s project regarding complexes agricultural systems for commodities in Brazil ( I also had the opportunity to give Lectures in the MBA program of IBS (International Business School) regarding the agribusiness and sustainability module) and to participate of some congresses, in plenary sections and presenting projects (oral presentation and posters).

I am an enthusiastic person and I enjoy transit in multicultural environments. I try to combine technical skills with commercial needs, connecting multiple instances in order to create new sustainability opportunities.

At the moment I am developing my PhD regarding TRUE project (, which aims to identify the best routes, or “transition paths” to increase sustainable legume cultivation and consumption across Europe.


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    PhD Candidate in Sustainable Agriculture, Bangor University