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Doctoral Researcher in Climatology, Universitat de Barcelona

I have studied Physics at the University of Turin (2002), carrying out undergraduate research on climate variability and glaciers in the north-western Alps. I moved to the Regional Civil Protection Weather Service (Italy) to work as a meteorologist under the umbrella of national and European projects (2002-2009). I then joined the group of Prof. Llasat (University of Barcelona, UB) in the Spanish project esTcena (2009-2012). I received his doctorate degree in Physics in 2012 at the UB, obtaining Summa Cum Laude and European mention, studying climate change in a Mediterranean environment (north-east Spain) and its impacts on forest fires. These investigations were recognized with a MedCLIVAR Young Scientist award. I returned to Italy as a researcher, first at the Euro-Mediterranean Center on Climate Change (2012-2013) and then at the Italian National Research Council (2014-2015), to work mainly on developing and using climate downscaling scenarios for impact studies. Back in Spain, I joined the group of Prof. Doblas-Reyes (Barcelona Supercomputing Center, BSC) to directly lead a project focused on a seasonal forecast for agriculture application for the European Commission (2016). This triggered a collaboration with the European Commission's Joint Research Centre and produced a proposal for a Marie Sklodowska-Curie Individual Fellowship (Marie Curie IF) that has reached the stage of Grant Agreement preparation. I was awarded the Juan De La Cierva-Incorporación Grant for the ongoing postdoctoral period at the University of Barcelona, in which I has pursued the establishment of my independent research career on forest fire, drought and seasonal forecasts. Currently my focus is on making weather/climate information action-oriented, which I approached using multidisciplinary and multi-sectorial experiences on operational and research activities. I have published more than 30 scientific papers in complementary areas of research, namely: evaluation of different types of weather-driven natural hazards with particular emphasis on wildfires, droughts and floods.


  • 2018–present
    Marie Curie fellowship, Barcelona Supercomputing Center


  • 2012 
    University of Barcelona, Ph.D. Physics