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Lecturer in Organisation Studies and Sustainability, Cardiff University

Marcus Vinícius P. Gomes received his doctorate in Public Administration and Government, with distinction, from FGV-EAESP (Brazil) in 2014, after an exchange period at Cardiff Business School, where he became an honorary researcher of Corgies (Cardiff Organization Research Group). Marcus is interested in critical perspectives on Business and Society, as his research focuses on how organizations influence their context through discourses and meanings. Under this perspective, Marcus examine the emergence of governance mechanisms through negotiations between civil society, corporations and the nation-state, focusing environmental degradation (e.g. Amazon deforestation and climate change) and human rights violations (e.g. modern forms of slavery). He has a background in public management, organizational studies, critical theory and political economy. His current research focuses the strategies and tactics that transnational NGOs employ to shape global value chains (GVC) in developing social and sustainability practices.

Research interests

Critical perspective on Business and Society
Transnational governance
Environmental degradation
Human Rights
I am particularly interested in how organizations influence the context they are embedded in. Hence, I have been researching the relationship between civil society, state and corporations, and examining how the relationships among such actors impact the emergence of governance mechanisms (i.e. public policies, organizational practices, meanings and discourses) that regulate and influence their context. My research interests span two fields: human rights and environmental degradation. Currently, I am examining how features of 21st century capitalism (e.g. global value chains, governance spaces) can be used to foster social and environmental changes. I employ a transnational perspective as my theoretical lens to understand how organizations build bridges between the local and global contexts, diffusing public policies and organizational practices.

Research projects

Environmental Transnational Governance: A compared case study: The research aims to analyse the strategies developed by transnational NGOs (e.g. Greenpeace and WWF) to influence the Brazilian context by drawing upon an international arena regarding the environment. Thus, the research seeks to identify and understand the strategies employed in the local context that dialogue with the global context.
The transnational debate on business and human rights and the role of a mining company in Brazil: The research aims to investigate the relationship among a mining company (MNC) with operations in Brazil, the Brazilian government and civil society, from the perspective of human rights and governance.


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    Lecturer in Organisation Studies and Sustainability, University of Exeter