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Professor in Theoretical Physics, University of Southampton

My research interests include all aspects of string theory, gravitational physics and quantum field theory. In recent years much of my work has been focused on holographic dualities and their implications. Holography relates gravitational theories to theories without gravity in one less dimension and represents a completely new understanding of both gravity and the dual non-gravitational theories. My work on holography encompasses both foundational issues (the holographic dictionary between gravity and gauge theory physics) and applications of holography to black hole physics, phenomenology and condensed matter systems.

On the foundational side, a primary goal in gravity/gauge theory dualities is to understand the precise holographic relationship between all gravity and gauge theory quantities. In a series of works I have established holographic dictionaries for spacetimes with various asymptotics, including those with running dilatons, Schrodinger geometries and Kaluza-Klein compactifications. More recently we have been exploring to what extent a fluid/gravity correspondence can be established for vacuum Einstein solutions.


  • 2012–present
    Reader and Professor, University of Southampton
  • 2005–2012
    Associate professor, University of Amsterdam


    University of Cambridge, PhD