Associate Research Professor in Computational Neuroscience, University of South Australia

Associate Professor Mark D. McDonnell is at the Institute for Telecommunications Research (ITR), School of Information Technology and Mathematics Sciences, University of South Australia. He currently holds an Australian Research Fellowship (2010-2014) awarded by the Australian Research Council (ARC) in the Discovery Projects scheme.

Mark McDonnell is Principal Investigator in the Computational and Theoretical Neuroscience Laboratory (

The group's research focuses of the use of computational and engineering methods to advance scientific knowledge about the influence of electronic noise and random variability on neurobiological computation. This work is carried out in collaborations with experimental neuroscientists. The group also aims to engineer innovative brain-inspired algorithms and electronic systems.


  • 2007–present
    Associate Research Professor in Computational Neuroscience, Institute for Telecommunications Research, University of South Australia
  • 2007–2007
    Lecturer, School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, The University of Adelaide


  • 2006 
    The University of Adelaide, PhD in Engineering
  • 2001 
    The University of Adelaide, BSc (Honours)
  • 1998 
    The University of Adelaide, BEng (Electrical and Electronic)