Research Leader: Nanosafety, CSIRO

Dr Maxine McCall is currently leading CSIRO's efforts to assess the safety aspects of nanomaterials.
She leads a team of scientists looking into the human health and environmental impacts of nanotechnology applications with a focus on:
- analysing the life-cycles of nanoparticles to identify where humans and the environment may be at risk from exposure
- monitoring workplace exposure to nanoparticles
- determining the impact on human health upon workplace exposure, and from use of products containing nanomaterials
- determining the fate and transport of nanoparticles in the environment
- determining nanoparticle toxicity to ecosystems in soil and water
- fully characterising the properties of nanoparticles and determining the nanoparticle metrics associated with any toxic effect
- developing a set of human and environmental predictive models for the toxicological effects of nanomaterials
- developing safer nanomaterials when required.


  • –present
    Research Leader: Nanosafety, CSIRO


    Flinders University, PhD