Medadi Ssentanda

Lecturer, Department of African Languages, Makerere University

Medadi Ssentanda is a Lecturer in the Department of African Languages, Makerere University. He is a reader in multilingual education and early literacy development and is also a Research Associate in the Department of General Linguistics, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Stellenbosch University.

2014, Stellenbosch University, PhD, General Linguistics
2007, Makerere University, MA, Linguistics
2005, Makerere University, BA (Education)

2013. Exploring connections: Reflections on mother-tongue education in postcolonial Uganda. Stellenbosch Papers in Linguistics Plus, 42, 281–296.
2014. “Have policy makers erred?” Implications of mother tongue education for pre-primary schooling in Uganda. Per Linguam, 30(33), 53–68. doi:
2014. Mother tongue education and transition to English medium education in Uganda: Teachers’ perspectives and practices versus language policy and curriculum. Stellenbosch University. Retrieved from Stellenbosch University
2014. The Challenges of Teaching Reading in Uganda: Curriculum guidelines and language policy viewed from the classroom. Apples – Journal of Applied Language Studies, 8(2), 1–22.


  • –present
    Lecturer, Makerere University


  • 2014 
    Stellenbosch University, PhD/General Linguistics