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Les universités africaines peuvent favoriser la prospérité grâce à l'innovation. Westend61

Les classements mondiaux des universités tiennent désormais compte de l'impact social : les universités africaines démarrent en force

Répondre aux défis sociétaux et promouvoir le développement durable sont une préoccupation particulièrement urgente pour les universités africaines.
Universities across Africa can drive prosperity through innovation. Westend61

Global university rankings now include social impact: African universities are off to a strong start

Responding to societal challenges and promoting sustainable development is an especially pressing concern for African universities.
Comedians Seth Meyers (far right) and Amber Ruffin (right) spoofed the ‘White Saviour’ complex in a fake movie segment on the ‘Late Night With Seth Meyers.’ Lloyd Bishop/NBC

How white saviourism harms international development

White saviourism is simultaneously a state of mind and a concrete unequal power structure between the Global North and the Global South.
Herbal remedies are commonplace in Uganda; testing these scientifically is a good way to ensure they’re safe and effective. Ava Peattie/Shutterstock

Herbal skin treatments in Uganda get an important scientific boost

It is important that herbal medicine be checked for its safety, its potential to treat particular ailments, and to ascertain its chemical components.


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