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Canada Research Chair in Digital Media & Global Network Society and Founding Director of ALiGN Media Lab, Carleton University

Merlyna Lim is a Canada Research Chair in Digital Media and Global Network Society and a founding director of AliGN (Alternative Global Network) Media Lab at the School of Journalism and Communication, Carleton University.

Lim’s research interests revolve around the mutual shaping of technology and society, and political culture of technology, especially digital media and information technology, in relation to issues of justice, in/equity and civic/participatory engagement. She has investigated the use of digital media in various uprisings, including the Arab Spring, the Malaysian Bersih (electoral reform) movement, and populist movements in Indonesia.

Among her notable publications are Roots, Routes, Routers: Communication and Media of Contemporary Social Movements (2018) and Online Collective Action: Dynamics of the Crowds in Social Media (2014). In 2016, Lim was inducted to the Royal Society of Canada's New College of Scholars, Artists, and Scientists.

She has held positions in Princeton University, Arizona State University, the Royal Netherlands Institute of Southeast Asian and Caribbean Studies (KITLV) and the University of Southern California.


  • 2014–present
    Canada Research Chair in Digital Media & Global Network Society, Carleton University
  • 2019–2019
    Senior Visiting Fellow, London School of Economics
  • 2019–2019
    Senior Visiting Researcher, Humboldt University
  • 2012–2014
    Distinguished Scholar of Technology and Public Engagement, Arizona State University
  • 2013–2014
    Visiting research professor, Princeton University
  • 2007–2012
    Asst. Professor, Arizona State University
  • 2005–2006
    Postdoctoral research associate, Annenberg Center for Communication, University of Southern California


Royal Society of Canada’s College of New Scholars, Artists and Scientists (elected a member)