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PhD Student in Solid Mechanics, Brown University

My current research interests are focused around characterizing and modeling the mechanical behavior of structural biological composites. I draw inspiration from the many structures in nature that outperform even the most cutting-edge synthetic materials. I believe that by studying the relationship between architecture and mechanical properties in these materials, we will be able to push new frontiers in mechanical/structural engineering.


  • 2018 
    Brown University, Ph. D. in Solid Mechanics
  • 2013 
    Brown University, Masters of Science in Mechanical Engineering
  • 2012 
    Brown University, Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering


  • 2017
    A Millimeter Scale Flexural Testing System for Measuring the Mechanical Properties of Marine Sponge Spicules, Journal of Visualized Experiments
  • 2017
    Enhanced bending failure strain in biological glass fibers due to internal lamellar architecture, Journal of the Mechanical Behavior of Biomedical Materials
  • 2017
    A new structure-property connection in the skeletal elements of the marine sponge Tethya aurantia that guards against buckling instability, Scientific Reports
  • 2015
    New functional insights into the internal architecture of the laminated anchor spicules of Euplectella aspergillum, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences