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Michael Galsworthy

Senior Research Associate in Health Services Research, UCL

Although my academic career has gone through genetics, child development, animal behaviour, literature informatics and health services research, my most high impact research is in research mapping and science policy of the EU... especially with the new €70bn Horizon 2020 programme due to start in 2014.

Here's an invited paper I published in April 2013 on Horizon 2020:

... and here's our Lancet letter on how we measured academic output from EU-funded research:

Two of my current passions are:
1) Open data and how to make it work (just because the capacity exists, scientists don't automatically rush in!)
2) Eastern European science. The EU currently uses very patronizing language about some of its new member states, whilst also paying Western European researchers far more than Eastern researchers. This is just them being lazy and reimbursing at local rates, but centrally paying out at rates that are more dramatically different than living costs does not constitutes an ethos of competitiveness, rather it's protectionism. Additionally, the effects are brain drain and stifling of development in a part of Europe that has a proud history of science and could easily be a powerful engine of science for Europe, especially as young Eastern European scientists are more connected and inventive than their older counterparts.


  • –present
    Senior Research Associate in Health Services Research, University College London


  • 2003 
    King's College London, PhD in Behaviour Genetics