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Mouhamadou Moussa Diangar

Selectionneur / Généticien niébé, Institut sénégalais de recherches agricoles (ISRA)

Mouhamadou Moussa Diangar is a cowpea breeder at the National Agricultural Research Center of Bambey (ISRA/CNRA Bambey). An agronomist by training, he obtained his PhD in genetics at the University of Ghana and currently specialized in the resistance of cowpea to parasites and drought. He has been involved in the development and release of new improved cowpea varieties. His research focuses also on assembling and characterizing collections of cultivated and wild cowpeas to identify new sources of resistance as parental materials with resistance to water aridity and tolerance to parasites (soil fungi, weeds, insects). His laboratory now welcomes many students and visiting researchers from several backgrounds and countries.


  • 2009–present
    Dr, Institut Senegalais de Recherches Agricoles