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Natalie Beltrano

Research Coordinator, PhD Student, School of Social Work, University of Windsor

Natalie Beltrano completed her Honours Bachelor of Social Work at the University of Windsor in 2004. After graduating, she spent 15 years in front-line child welfare roles. She returned to academia in 2017 and obtained her Master of Social Work with a specialization in Leadership in Human Service Organizations from the University of Calgary. She entered the PhD program in 2019. Her dissertation is focused on the potential impact of child welfare worker biases in decision-making that may result in the differential treatment and overrepresentation of vulnerable populations. She is also enrolled in the University Teaching Certificate with the CTL. Natalie began working as a Graduate Assistant in 2019. She has facilitated a workshop for the GATA Academy, and has been a guest lecturer on various topics, such as Transformational Leadership and Assessing for Child Maltreatment. In connection with the University of Calgary, Natalie is currently the Research Coordinator for a 3-province study on the impact of shared parenting on mothers who experienced domestic violence and have children aged 4 and under.