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Professor Emeritus of Communications, University of Stirling

Prof Blain’s publications have covered a wide range of topics, often addressing questions of representation, ideology and collective identity in Europe and the UK, including writing on British and European monarchy, on sport and the media, on cultural theory and semiotics, and on Scottish media and Scottish media history. He worked extensively as a broadcast research consultant during the 1990s, supervising and co-designing large scale audience research, and producing policy-related reports. Publications include Media, Monarchy and Power (with Hugh O’Donnell, 2003); Sport, Media, Culture: Local and Global Dimensions (co-edited with Alina Bernstein, 2003); The Media in Scotland (co-edited with David Hutchison, Edinburgh University Press, 2008); and Scotland's Referendum and the Media: National and International Perspectives (edited by Neil Blain and David Hutchison, with Gerry Hassan: Edinburgh University Press, 2016). More recent publications include The Declaration as Polyvalent Signifier: The Semiotics of Absence in the Representation of Scotland, in Scotland and Arbroath 1320-2020, Klaus Peter Muller (ed), Peter Lang, Berlin, 2020; and Reproducing Great Britain: Fatal Diversions of the Monarchy Industry, Media Education Journal, 72: Winter 2022/3.


  • –present
    Professor of Communications, Media and Culture, University of Stirling