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Associate professor, University of Tasmania

Nenagh Kemp is an associate professor in the Division of Psychology at the University of Tasmania. Her broad research interests lie in developmental psychology and the psychology of language.
She is interested in the acquisition, development, and use of spoken and written language, from infancy to adulthood, as it occurs both typically and atypically. Her current projects include the use of spelling strategies in children and adults, the linguistic and social role of Australian diminutives (such as 'arvo' and 'footy'), and the use of text-message abbreviations (such as 'c u l8r') and their links with literacy, in texters of all ages.


  • –present
    Lecturer, School of Pyschology, University of Tasmania


  • 2000 
    Oxford, DPhil
  • 1995 
    Tasmania, BA (Hons)

Research Areas

  • Psychology (1701)