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Nicholas Buckley

Professor of Clinical Pharmacology, University of Sydney

Research interests

Mechanisms and outcomes from acute kidney injury after poisoning/snakebite
Effect of pesticide bans and safe storage of pesticides
Descriptive studies of the mechanism of toxicity of a range of pesticide poisonings
Comparisons of the relative toxicity of different pesticides
Measurement of long-term neurotoxicity after acute poisoning
Trials of regulatory restrictions and reformulation of pesticides
Evaluation of investigations used in poisoning
Clinical trials of existing antidotes for poisoning
Development of new antidotes for poisoning
Clinical trials comparing different strategies to manage snakebite
Systematic reviews of treatments of poisoning
Developmenttal toxicity from pesticides
Paracetamol poisoning
Pharmacometrics - modelling of drug concentrations and effects.
Cardiotoxicity of psychotropic drugs
Toxicovigilance - detection of emerging toxicological problems
Epidemiology of poisoning and drug abuse
Coronial data on lethal poisoning and adverse drug effects
Pharmaco-epidemiology studies on adverse drug effects and drug interactions


  • –present
    Professor of Clinical Pharmacology, University of Sydney