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Professor and Canada Research Chair, University of British Columbia

Nicholas Coops is a professor at the University of British Columbia and a Canada Research Chair (Tier 1) in remote sensing. Prior to working at UBC Nicholas worked in Australia as a Senior Research Scientist at the CSIRO. Nicholas is the head of the Integrated Remote Sensing Studio (IRSS) within the Faculty of Forestry at UBC, a research lab at UBC investigating and demonstrating applications of remote sensing data to environmental and forest production issues with 15 PhD, MSc and Postdocs. He has published over 400 peer-reviewed journal papers and was the editor - in - chief of the Canadian Journal of Remote Sensing for 10 years. Nicholas has been awarded a Killam research scholarship in 2012, the Carl Pulfrich Award sponsored by Leica 2013, and the silver medal by the Canadian Remote Sensing Society (CRSS) Award, the highest award for mid-career scholar in remote sensing in Canada.