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Nick William Smith

Research Officer, Riddet Institute, Massey University

Dr Nick Smith holds degrees in mathematics and in nutritional science from Swansea University (UK) and Massey University (NZ). His expertise is in mathematical modelling of complex systems, with particular focus on human nutrition. His former research interest was in predictive models for dynamics in the human intestinal microbiome, and the influence on host health and wellbeing. He now studies the dynamics of the global food system and their impact on the nutrition of the global population.

Dr Smith is currently a Research Officer at the Riddet Institute, a New Zealand Centre of Research Excellence hosted by Massey University. The focus of the Riddet Institute is upon food science, food technology, and human nutrition. Dr Smith’s current research is part of the Sustainable Nutrition Initiative, a program providing evidence for the sustainable food system debate and ensuring that human nutrition is seen as a key aspect of sustainability. His focus is on the continued development of the DELTA Model: a world-leading and freely available tool to investigate sustainable nutrient production and what is possible, practical and optimal from the global food system.

  • Palmerston North, New Zealand
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