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Massey University

Massey is a true “University of New Zealand”, with three North Island campuses at Auckland, Manawatū and Wellington and more than 32,000 students studying either on one of the campuses or by distance learning from throughout the world. Set up as an agricultural college in 1927 it is now a comprehensive university with qualifications in humanities and social sciences, business, creative arts, health and sciences.


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Les emballages plastiques à usage unique sont polluants et difficiles à recycler. Shutterstock

Plastiques : la délicate question du « cycle de vie » des emballages

L’analyse cycle de vie des emballages alimentaires omet souvent l’impact et la toxicité éventuelle des fuites de plastique dans l’environnement. Ce qui donne aux plastiques un avantage injustifié.
Pick a political flavour: a Christchurch ice cream shop named its offerings after the party leaders during the 2020 campaign. GettyImages

NZ election 2020: 5 experts on the final debate and the campaign’s winners and losers ahead of the big decision

It was a campaign like no other, and while there were missed opportunities and lapses of judgement, the fact New Zealanders are voting in a safe and fair election is reason enough to celebrate.


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