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Associate Professor in Public Health, University of Southampton

I am an Associate Professor in Public Health at the University of Southampton and Honorary Consultant in Public Health at University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust, UK. I do epidemiological and population health research in the area of maternal and child health linking to health inequalities and wider environmental, social and economic determinants of adverse health outcomes such as childhood obesity.

My research interests include:

Investigating the lifecourse aetiology of non-communicable diseases and exploring trans-generational influences on their epidemiology, in particular in relation to diet and nutritional status as risk factors.
Translating the findings from biomedical research studies which explore the early-life determinants of important public health outcomes such as childhood obesity into improvements in routine healthcare services and public health.
Investigating the effectiveness of public health interventions in reducing non-communicable disease risk and reducing health inequalities through tackling lifecourse risk factors, and the role of web-based and smartphone tools as interventions in these studies.
Improving dietary assessment methods to enhance the validity and reliability of exposure measurement in these relationships.
Exploring the wider social and cultural determinants of physical and mental health in women and children.
Preconception and interpregnancy health.


  • 2015–2020
    Associate Professor in Public Health, University of Southampton