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Nyasha Karimakwenda

Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, University of Cape Town

Nyasha Karimakwenda is a feminist socio-legal scholar who has worked and conducted research with academic, non-profit and public-sector entities in the USA, the Caribbean and Southern Africa. Through her inter-disciplinary research she seeks to complicate prevailing discourses and depictions of gender-based violence, particularly in customary marriage settings. She is passionate about centering the voices of survivors of violence, and contextualizing local understandings of marriage, gender and culture that sustain violence against women. Other research areas include: power dynamics within families; histories of racial and gender exclusion; and current inequalities based on race, gender, and sexual orientation and gender identity.


  • 2012–present
    Researcher, Scholar & Consultant, University of Cape Town & Independent


    University of Cape Town, PhD
    Yale University , MA
    Northeastern University School of Law, JD
    Wellesley College, BA