P. David Marshall

Professor and Personal Chair in New Media, Communication and Cultural Studies, Deakin University

Professor Marshall has published widely in two areas: the public personality/celebrity and new media culture. His books include Celebrity Persona Pandemic (2016), A Companion to Celebrity (2016), Contemporary Publics (2016), Celebrity and Power (1997, second edition: 2014), Fame Games (2000), Web Theory (2003), New Media Cultures (2004), and The Celebrity Culture Reader (2006). He has been a keynote speaker at many international conferences with a series of talks given recently in Beijing and Wuhan China, Singapore, Cologne, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Tokyo, Auckland, Paris, Hong Kong, Sydney, Perth and Bathurst. Professor Marshall has been interviewed for articles and many broadcast media programs from CNN, FoxNews, BBC, and ABC Radio National to the Sydney Morning Herald, New York Times and the Toronto Star as well as many other news organisations in Europe, South America and Asia.

His current writing and research has focused on some key areas in contemporary popular culture: he has been developing the idea of 'Persona Studies', where the presentation of the public self has expanded well beyond celebrity culture via particularly online forms: it now structures and patterns reputation and value across many professions and through many recreational and leisure pursuits. He has developed three related concepts to help explore this change in contemporary culture: presentational media, the intercommunication industry, and self-branding.

Along with many articles and book chapters, Professor Marshall's forthcoming books include Advertising and Promotional Culture: Case Histories (2017), Persona Studies: Celebrity, Identity and the Transformation of the Public Sphere. He is also the co-founder of the scholarly journal entitled Persona Studies launched in 2015 and co-convenor of the Persona Celebrity Publics Research Group. At Deakin University, he is a member of the Deakin Motion.Lab Centre for Creative Arts Research.


  • 2009–present
    Professor and Personal Chair in New Media, Communication and Cultural Studies, Deakin University
  • 2001–2008
    Professor and Department Chair in Communication Studies, Northeastern University
  • 1993–2000
    Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Screen Studies, University of Queensland


  • 1993 
    McGill University , Ph. D.
  • 1986 
    Simon Fraser University, MA
  • 1981 
    University of Western Ontario, Hon. BA