Patricio R. Estévez-Soto

PhD Candidate in Security and Crime Science and Teaching Fellow in the UCL School of Public Policy, UCL

I hold a BA in Communication Science, an MRes in Security Science, and a Master in Public Policy. Before joining University College London, I worked in Mexico’s Ministry of the Interior, where I was part of a government-led effort to promote scientific research on security. Later, I became a policy advisor to the Ministry’s Head of Strategic Planning. My research interests include: situational crime prevention, organised crime, quantitative criminology, and victimisation surveys. I am currently pursuing a PhD in Security and Crime Science at UCL, where my research is focused on the situational prevention of organised crimes, with particular attention to extortion against businesses in Mexico. I am funded by a joint scholarship from the Mexican Science and Technology Council (CONACYT) and the state of Nuevo León, a scholarship from the Mexican Ministry of Education (SEP), the CONACYT-UCL Graduate Fellowship, and the UCL Security Science Doctoral Research Training Centre.


  • –present
    PhD candidate in Security and Crime Science, UCL


  • 2015 
    UCL, MRes Security Science
  • 2011 
    Tecnológico de Monterrey, Master in Public Administration and Public Policy
  • 2009 
    Tecnológico de Monterrey, BA in Communication Science