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Patrick Scolyer-Gray

Research Fellow, Cyber Security, Deakin University

Having spent 5 years engaged in immersive mixed-methods ethnographic research on the notorious and fully anonymous online forum 4chan, I now apply my fine-grained understanding of human-computer interactions (particularly the problems raised by media manipulation, echo-chambers and deception) to my constantly evolving role as a cyber-sociologist. As a socio-technical specialist, I apply my background in the social sciences to provide analytical tools, approaches, methodologies, as well as new perspectives & insight to my work with what is often highly technical subject matter (e.g., identity authentication technologies, machine learning and big data analytics, access control systems, data breaches, IoT technologies, rainbow table password-cracking etc.). Thus far, my work has yielded dividends both in terms of teaching and research output, and I have established a reputation for my ongoing contributions towards the cultivation of a unique, highly dynamic and effective culture of cross-disciplinary research. I remain focused on studying human factors in cybersecurity, and to this end, I apply a formidable array of skills, knowledge, and experience accumulated across my sprawling research terrain. At present, my research is primarily focused on information warfare and protective security.


  • –present
    Research Fellow in Cyber Security, Deakin University


  • 2019 
    La Trobe University, Doctor of Philosophy