Paula Koelemeijer

Royal Society University Research Fellow, UCL

I am fascinated by the fact that we can learn about the interior of the Earth using surface recordings of seismic waves; and thus use destructive earthquakes in a positive way. In particularly, I use observations of the frequencies at which the Earth resonates (much like a bell) after large magnitude earthquakes. Using these data, I study the detailed structures deep inside the Earth with the aim to link these structures to the dynamic processes happening within the Earth and the evolution of our planet.


  • 2018–present
    Royal Society University Research Fellow, University College London
  • 2015–2018
    Junior Research Fellow, University of Oxford


  • 2014 
    University of Cambridge, PhD in seismology
  • 2010 
    Utrecht University, MSc in geophysics
  • 2008 
    Utrecht University, BSc in Earth Sciences