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Paula Rivas Ramírez

Investigador postdoctoral, Universidade de Vigo

I graduated in Biology in 2009 and consequently did the Interuniversity Master's degree in Neuroscience. In 2016 I completed my PhD in the Neurosciences group of the Cinbio where I studied, using electrophysiology techniques, the potassium ion channels behaviour in SCG and NG ganglia neurons in culture. During my postdoctoral stage I worked in the "Channeling Human Diseases" group of the Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry in Prague to determine the effect of analgesic substances on calcium channels expressed in HEK293, COS and CHO cell lines and in mouse DRG ganglia neurons in culture. I also worked in the laboratory "Cortical network and Neurovascular Coupling" at the Sorbonne University in Paris conducting a pharmacological study of glutamate receptors in mouse brain slices. I later worked in the Laboratory of Neurochemistry at the Experimental Institute of Medicine in Prague, where I was focusing on the electrophysiological changes that occur in glutamate receptors related to diseases such as Alzheimer's. I am currently working in Neurocircuits group of the Cinbio studying the neural circuits that control the gaze in the lampreys.


  • –present
    Investigador postdoctoral, Universidade de Vigo


  • 2016 
    Universidad de Vigo, Doctora en Neurociencias