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Senior Teaching Fellow, Management Science & Innovation, UCL

Peter Antonioni is Senior Teaching Fellow and resident non-linear thinker in the department of Management Science and Innovation and leads the innovative undergraduate course, Business in a Competitive Environment. He holds a BA in Philosophy, Politics and Economics from Oxford University and an MSc in Economics from Birkbeck College, London.

Peter’s research and teaching follow from his interest in the long view of humanity’s activities. He has worked variously as a forecaster in academia and in the private sector and knows only too well that formal modelling strategy is often racked with pitfalls, many of which he has fallen into unsuspectingly in the past (and does not discount the possibility that he will fall into many more in the future). He advocates for a more rounded, context led approach to strategy formation, on the grounds that leaving un-discussed preconceptions in the mix is a cause of strategy failure. He has published traditional economics papers in the past, on such disparate fields as transfer markets in football and volatitlity during construction booms, but now sees the economic dimension as only one of several competing spheres of attention.

In addition to his work at UCL, Peter is an experienced guitarist and recording engineer and can bore for England on the subject of his favourite pieces of kit. He has also garnered press for being foolhardy enough to discuss economics with a bunch of comedians at the awesome Kilkenomics festival. (He is not sure whether that description best befits the stand up comics or economists present, himself included).


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    Senior Teaching Fellow, Management Science & Innovation, University College London