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Associate Professor of Industrial and Applied Mathematics, University of South Australia

Dr Peter Pudney is an Associate Professor of Industrial and Applied Mathematics at the University of South Australia.

His research expertise is in the area of optimal control, applied to low-energy vehicles and to energy systems.

He is co-inventor of the Energymiser Driving Advice System, which calculates real-time driving advice to keep trains on time and reduce energy use. The system is used on freight and passenger trains around the world.

He has also helped design and built solar racing cars and electric cars, including a 300 kg electric car called Trev that was driven 28000 km around the world in 2010-11 using just $400 worth of electricity. He is a member of the science faculty of the World Solar Challenge.


  • 2016–present
    Associate professor, University of South Australia
  • 1998–2016
    Senior research fellow, University of South Australia


  • 2000 
    University of South Australia, PhD/Mathematics
  • 1986 
    South Australian Institute of Technology, Master of Applied Science/Computer Studies
  • 1982 
    South Australian Institute of Technology, Bachelor of Applied Science/Computer Studies

Research Areas

  • Applied Mathematics (0102)
  • Renewable Power And Energy Systems Engineering (Excl. Solar Cells) (090608)
  • Road Transportation And Freight Services (150703)
  • Rail Transportation And Freight Services (150702)
  • Operations Research (010206)