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Senior Statistician, CSIRO

Dr Philip Kokic collaborates with other CSIRO scientists on a range of projects in climate science and adaptation to climate risk. His work includes:

* research aimed at developing actionable information for primary industries
* applying statistical methods that bridge application boundaries
* designing statistical analysis that focuses on relevant information gaps

Some of his current projects include:

* applying statistical methods to produce high-resolution seasonal climate projections for India and Sri Lanka
* measuring and explaining trends in the adaptive capacity of Australian agriculture

Dr Philip Kokic has worked as a statistician in various academic institutes, for government and private industry, both in Australia and overseas. He has worked across a broad range of application areas including sample survey design and analysis, economic and econometric analysis, financial and credit risk analysis, and more recently in the application of statistics to climate risk. His skills include an ability to work effectively together with both scientists and economists to address important interdisciplinary problems. He has worked on many externally funded projects. Dr Kokic's skills not only include statistics, but also the application of mathematical techniques particularly in economics, and the development of computer software systems. His work has been published in over 50 refereed papers and reports, often in collaboration with researchers from other disciplines.

Recent major projects he has undertaken include:

* Intermediate timescale high-resolution climate projections in the Pacific region
* High-resolution climate projections for Cambodia, Laos, Bangladesh and India
* The vulnerability of Australian rural communities to climate variability and change
* Forecasting the distribution of Australian farm incomes conditional on climate states
* The costs of preserving native vegetation in Australia.
* The analysis of economic data collected in farm surveys
* Linking spatial and economic data from farm surveys
* Factors influencing productivity growth in the Australian grains industry
* Predicting the impact of climate change on total factor productivity in Australian broadacre agriculture.

Dr Kokic is a member of the Statistical Society of Australia and the International Association of Survey Statisticians.


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    Senior Statistician, CSIRO