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Philippe M. Frowd

Philippe M. Frowd is Associate Professor at the School of Political Studies, University of Ottawa, Canada. His research focuses on borders and migration, critical security studies and African politics. As part of a multi-faceted research trajectory, he has also come to research and write on issues related to the politics of surveillance and privacy for diverse audiences.

His current research focuses on the transnational governance of security, with a particular emphasis on border control and migration management technologies and policies.

He is working on two parallel projects. The first focuses on the automation/digitisation of border security in Canada through electronic visas, applications and airport kiosks. The second concerns intervention policy in and around the G5 Sahel and its place in the evolving security architecture of West Africa.


  • 2021–present
    Associate Professor, University of Ottawa
  • 2018–2021
    Assistant Professor, University of Ottawa
  • 2015–2018
    Lecturer in International Relations, University of York