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Professor of Global Politics, University of Southampton

My research focuses on the political economy of development and regionalism in the Americas. I attempt to re-examine the various agreements, dynamics and constellations of actors, interests and power resources in the search for governance after neoliberalism, devoting particular attention to how new governance arrangements engage with democracy, inclusion, and the articulation of alternative forms of regional governance. I am also working on 'neo-developmentalism' as a political and economic development approach in Latin America, and on a research proposal for a future bid on regionalism and the provisions for social development in Latin America. I am interested in the emerging institutions and funding supporting regional social policies in the fields of education, health and employment as they are giving new momentum to regional organisations such as the Common Market of the South (MERCOSUR) and new, more radical, regionalist projects, such as the Bolivarian Alliance for the Americas (ALBA).

My most recent publications include ‘Region, Regionness and Regionalism in Latin America: Towards a New Synthesis’ (New Political Economy 17:4, 2012), The Rise of Post-Hegemonic Regionalism: The Case of Latin America (edited with D. Tussie, Springer, 2012); and ‘Post-neoliberalism in Latin America: Rebuilding and Reclaiming the State after Crisis’ (with J. Grugel, Development and Change 43:1, 2012); Regionalism through social policy: collective action and health diplomacy in South America (Economy and Society, forthcoming).

I am currently engaged in a collaborative ESRC-DfID funded project that explores regional integration processes and poverty reduction in the South.


  • –present
    Senior Lecturer in Global Politics, University of Southampton