Pieter Spierenburg

Emeritus Professor of Erasmus University, Erasmus University Rotterdam

Born 1948 in Haarlem, Netherlands.

Study of history at the University of Amsterdam, 1966-73.

Teacher of history at secondary school in Amsterdam, 1973-74.

Research for dissertation; grant from ZWO (Dutch national institution for scientific research), 1975-78.

Promotion at (Ph.D. degree from) University of Amsterdam, 1978.

Working at Erasmus University, Rotterdam, the Netherlands since 1977. Department of History and (since 2005) Law Faculty, section of Criminology. Function: Professor of Historical Criminology.

Secretary of the International Association for the History of Crime and Criminal Justice (IAHCCJ) since its foundation in 1978.

Member of the editorial board of Crime, Histoire & Sociétés/ Crime, History & Societies (since 1995).

Research Director of the program on Group Cultures (since 2004: Group Formation and Civil Society) of the Posthumus Institute (Dutch inter-university research school for socio-economic and socio-cultural history), 1993-2005.

Member of the comité scientifique of the Groupe Européen de Recherches sur les Normativités (GERN), Paris, since 1998.

Project leader of international project to write a history of social control in Europe (1997-2003).

Visiting professor of history at Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA, USA, March-May 2001.

Project leader (with Sophie Body-Gendrot) of an international project on interpersonal violence, historical and contemporary (2003-5).

Visiting professor, Law School, University of California at Berkeley, January-June 2006.

Co-leader (with Laurent Mucchielli) of the workpackage "The Evolution of Deviant Behavior" of FP6-project CRIMPREV, since July 2006.


  • –present
    Emeritus Professor of Erasmus University, Erasmus University Rotterdam