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Director of the Nuffield Centre for Experimental Social Sciences, University of Oxford

Ray is the Director of the Nuffield Centre for Experimental Social Sciences (CESS), which has collaboration partners in Chile, India and China. He received his BA (Honours) from the University of Manitoba in Canada and his MA and PhD from the University of Rochester.

Over the past 10 years, Ray’s research has focused on experimental approaches to social science and how these experimental methods can answer important policy-relevant questions – his recent experimental published works on experimental methodology (JEBO, APSR), policy responsibility attribution (AJPS), immigration (BJPS, POQ and SSQ), and cheating (PA) reflect this contribution to experimental social science. He is also a founder of the Nuffield College Centre for Experimental Social Sciences that he has directed for the past decade and where he has taught experimental methods to thousands of students. In 2015 Ray was invited to become an academic member of the Cross-Government Trial Advice Panel and in this role, he has provided support to numerous U.K. Government Departments in the design, implementation and analysis activities of random control trials. These RCTs are part of the U.K. Government’s effort to incorporate evidence-based assessments for policy implementations and proposals. In a very similar capacity Ray has worked with a variety of other government agencies either advising on design or providing civil servant training – included here UK DWP, UK Financial Conduct Authority, UK FSCS, Chile Ministry of Education, the Chile Audit Ministry, Contraloria, the Chile Pension Authority, and the Chile Police Department


  • 2008–2020
    Director, Nuffield Centre for Experimental Social Sciences