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Honorary Clinical Associate Professor, University of Glasgow

Dr Hansen is a Consultant Paediatric Gastroenterologist and Honorary Clinical Associate Professor in Child Health in Glasgow. He carried out his medical training at the University of Dundee and obtained his PhD from the University of Aberdeen on the subject of the gastrointestinal microbiota.

His clinical interests are inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), hepatology, and Helicobacter pylori, with his main research interest being the gastrointestinal mucosal microbiota and its importance in paediatric disease, particularly IBD. He is especially interested in the molecular characterisation of the microbiota and its modification for therapeutic effect by probiotics, faecal transplantation and nutritional therapy. As a paediatrician, Dr Hansen is also naturally interested in how the gut microbiota develops as the child grows and matures, particularly at the earliest stages of microbial colonisation.

This programme of research interests is a natural extension of Dr Hansen’s Chief Scientist Office (CSO)-funded PhD studies, during which he was the first to catalogue and publish the colonic microbiota in paediatric IBD at the onset of disease. He has just completed a competitively awarded career researcher fellowship from NHS Research Scotland, granting him time to develop his research in microbial therapeutics. Dr Hansen is part of the Bacteria, Inflammation, Nutrition, Gastroenterology, & Omics (BINGO) research group at the University of Glasgow, a team of multidisciplinary scientists and clinicians with a full range of skills in gastroenterology, dietetics, immunology and gastrointestinal microbiology.


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    Honorary Clinical Associate Professor, University of Glasgow