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Associate Professor, Associate Head of School (Research), co-leader of the research network HOME, Deakin University

Associate Professor Richard Tucker has been Associate Head of Research in Architecture and Built Environment for 6 years and is co-leader of the research network HOME. He has published approaching 80 outputs on: sustainable design, urban design, the pedagogy of architectural design, the impact of sustainable design on children’s environmental behaviours, and the relationship between health and the built environment. His work has involved substantial competitive grant-funded projects (ten investigations, funded for over $1 million) including six as project leader. His teaching innovation, which is closely aligned with his research, was recognised in 2011 when he became only the 2nd academic in the discipline of Architecture to be awarded the prestigious Australian Learning & Teaching Council Award for Teaching Excellence.

HOME connects experts from Architecture & Urban Planning, Humanities & Social Sciences, Health & Social Development, Geography, Anthropology, Economics, Social Policy and Law to enlighten the causes and health impacts of the housing crisis. HOME fills a significant research gap through focus on re-purposing what we have – to revitalise existing housing, creatively reuse other existing buildings, and better integrate new development.


  • 2003–2017
    Associate Head of School (Research), Deakin University