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Honorary Associate, Geography, The Open University

Robert is an independent researcher with a special interest in systems thnking for climate policy and geoengineering. He is an Honorary Associate of The Open University (Geography) and an Associate of the Centre for Climate Repair at Cambridge.


  • 2013–2023
    Honorary Associate, The Open University


  • 2013 
    The Open University, PhD


  • 2023
    Moral Hazard or Moral Duty? - Repairing the Climate with Greenhouse Gas Removal and Solar Radiation Management, Illuminem
  • 2019
    The Paris Agreement -Implications for greenhouse gas removal and zero emissions energy production (Chapter in Managing Global Warming ed. Letcher), Elsevier
  • 2015
    Systems thinking for geoengineering policy: how to reduce the threat of dangerous climate change by embracing uncertainty and failure, Earthscan