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Rocio Quispe Agnoli

Distinguished Professor of Hispanic Studies, Michigan State University

Rocio Quispe Agnoli is the William J. Beal Distinguished Professor of Hispanic Studies. Author of two scholarly books (UNMSM Press, Iberoamericana Vervuert), two scholarly collections of essays (Routledge, Cambridge UP), one book of short fiction (Mundo Ajeno), invited editor of four monographic issues of academic journals (two in CIEHL, Letras femeninas, Letras), and more than 70 articles on Indigenous/mestizo writers (both men and women) of Latin America and their prevalence in historical narratives until the present. Quispe Agnoli is also a specialist in gender and sexuality studies and visual studies with an emphasis in the colonial period (1500-1800). Lately, she is working on (a) colonial Indigenous elite women’s writings and portraits; (b) Latin American speculative fiction, Peruvian futurism and science fiction (Andean, Amazonian) and the use/misuse/abuse of Artificial Intelligence in creative processes, and (c) gender and genre bias in the writing of speculative fiction in Latin America, especially Peru.
Her work is interdisciplinary and seeks understanding of representation and perception of similarities and differences, keeping in mind intersectionality. Thus, she works in the intersection and liminal spaces of self/other as well as the unavoidable intersections of race, gender, sexuality, belief systems (faith), and other identifiers of the human subject. Her reflection is not limited to the Spanish-speaking world--it goes over various creative genres including sci-fi, fanfic, OTW, ao3 and the use of self/other in the creation of alternate/outer worlds. Quispe Agnoli is also a fiction writer of speculative fiction (under the name of Rocío Qespi) and a scifi fanfic writer (under the name Chaska Quntur).


  • 2000–present
    Professor of Hispanic Studies, Michigan State University


  • 2000 
    Brown University, Hispanic Studies
  • 1993 
    Brown University, M.A., Hispanic Literatures
  • 1987 
    Université de Toulouse-II, D.E.A., Linguistique
  • 1985 
    Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú, B.A. Lingüística y Literatura Hispánicas


  • 2022
    Latin American Literature in Transition, pre-1492-1800, Cambridge University Press
  • 2017
    Women's Negotiations and Textual Agency in Latin America (1500-1799), Routledge
  • 2016
    Nobles de papel. Identidades oscilantes y genealogías borrosas de los descendientes de la realeza inca., Iberoamericana Vervuert
  • 2008
    Durmiendo en el agua (short fiction), Mundo Ajeno Editores
  • 2006
    La fe andina en la escritura. Resistencia e identidad en la obra de Guamán Poma de Ayala, Fondo Editorial de la UNMSM


2012 Fintz Award for Teaching Excellence (MSU); 2013 Successful Peruvian Woman in America (Embassy of Peru in the US); 2013 TUMI-USA Award (Peruvian Community in the US); 2016 Faculty Leadership Award (MSU); 2019 Inspirational Woman of the Year (MSU); 2021 Top 100 Women of Peru's Bicentennial (1821-2021)